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Goodluck Rugs is an international company started in 1990 that specializes in custom made high-end rugs, pillows, and tapestries suited for even the most luxurious lifestyles. We focus on the different weaves around the world including Aubusson, Savonnerie, Needlepoint, Persian, Oushak, Soumak, Kilim, Tibetan, and hand tufted rugs.

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24″x24″ Aubusson Pillow Cover 12981416

Recreations of classic 17th, 18th, and 19th century European pillows.

The pillow front is handwoven exactly as they were centuries ago in Europe.

Museum quality using New Zealand wool to create tomorrow’s antiques.


24″x24″ Armorial Needlepoint Pillow Cover 12981415

Add a touch of European charm to any room with this handmade wool pillow cover. The intricate crest pattern features hand-stitched petit point and gros point embroidery in beige on a 24×24 inch square shape. The heavy duty upholstery velvet backing with hidden zipper closure ensures durability and easy insertion of a pillow insert (not included). This decorative cushion is …


21″x21″ Cabbage Rose Needlepoint Pillow Cover 12981413

Add an elegant touch to any room with this stunning 21 x 21 inch wool petit point tapestry pillow cover. The hand-stitched design features a beautiful cabbage rose floral pattern embroidered on 100% wool material. Perfect for use in any indoor space, this pillow cover is backed with heavy duty upholstery velvet and has a hidden zipper closure for easy …


24″x24″ Labrador Retriever Dog Needlepoint Pillow Cover 12981414

Add a touch of vintage charm to any room with this handmade wool needlepoint tapestry pillow cover featuring a beautiful Labrador Retriever design. Measuring 24×24 inches, this square pillow cover is made of 100% wool material and comes with a heavy-duty upholstery velvet backing with a hidden zipper closure. Not including the fill material, this pillow cover is perfect for …

Custom Projects

Our experienced designers can custom design high quality rugs that sets your project apart. From rough sketch or a refined concept, we offer inspired solutions to make your project unique. Your original design will be manufactured to exacting standards, delivered on time and within budget

Custom Hotel Room Rug

Wanda Reign

5 Star Hotel Custom Designed Handmade Rug

Custom Home Decoration


Working with interior designers around the world to decorate some of the most famous residences

Custom Art Work

Modern Artist

Transforming unique artworks into artistic pieces

Modern innovation in design
Revival of Classics

Designer Brand

Brand Partnership

We work with brands to bring designers’ vision to life

Match home decor with the most luxurious materials, and most stunning visuals