Custom Made

Making of Aubusson

Custom Made Process


Everything starts with a simple sketch

An idea, a concept, a scene, a painting, a picture or a dream


Our professional Rug and Tapestry Designers will then turn set vision into a reality

Get the best Color Combination

Find the optimal way to incorporate key elements

Plan out the entire space for your satisfaction 

 Picture to draft

↑ Silk Draft

Color Selection

The most importnat step in the creation of a new rug/tapestry is how the color is selected.

Yarn and colors are compared side by side to guarantee the most accurate depiction

Sample Confirmation

Before the tapestry is made, a small 2′ X 3′ sample is made 

It is sent to the client for confirmation to finalize patterns and color


A piece of this size (240cm X 240cm) takes multiple workers about 5-6 months to complete

Final Products

Our rugs and tapestries are displayed throughout the world in museums, palaces, luxury residences, hotels, major retail stores, and many more.

To see some of the pieces that we made, visit our portfolio