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24″x24″ Hand-woven Wool Kilim Pillow Cover 12980004


Hand Woven | Wool Kilim | Cushion Cover

Best Rooms to Use:

Living Room, Guest Room, Bedroom, Game Room

Great addition for any couches for added oriental effect


100% New Zealand Wool, Cotton Velvet Backing, Zipper



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Handmade Kilim Pillow Cover

This great Kilim pillow cover is made by hand of a skilled artisan.

Cut from a traditional Kilim Style Turkish tapestry, many hours, often weeks of work and skill went into completing these by hand and reworking them into a pillow.

They will sit perfectly in a traditional environment or a contemporary space and create an eye catching focal point & a great conversation piece.

Makes a gorgeous addition to any couch, chair or bed.

Add 2″ to the insert if the size is bigger than 16″. Add 1″ for smaller covers. A bigger insert will fill out the corners and your pillow looks plumpy.


kilim is a flat tapestrywoven carpet or rug traditionally produced in countries of the former Persian Empire.

Kilims are embellished with religious symbols that can be purely decorative or can function as prayer rugs.

Modern kilims are popular floor coverings in Western households.

Good Quality Vs. Bad Quality Kilim Pillow

Kilim quality varies greatly from one another, but generally there are 3 major distinctions.

Good Kilim Bad Kilim
Color Color/Shade variation due to hand dyed yarns Synthetic dye gives brilliant colors that fades with time
Detail Skilled Weavers take years to master their craft with subtle color change using same color yarns of slight variation, thus making the designs more fluid Computer designed sharp geometry and color change
Design Designs handpicked due to their meaning and personal connection Designs and patterns picked to suit the market


A widely used motif is the elibelinde (Learn more here), a stylized female figure, motherhood and fertility. 

Other motifs express the tribal weavers’ desires for protection of their families’ flocks from wolves with the wolf’s mouth or the wolf’s foot motif , or for safety from the sting of the scorpion .

elibelinde, motif for motherhood and fertility

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Hand-woven wool kilim


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