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Fruit Basket Tapestry Luxury French Wall Hanging

This is a Hand Woven French Baroque Style Tapestry / Wall Hanging made using French Gobelin Tapestry weaving technique depicting a still life of a fruit basket inspired by Baroque Still Life Paintings from 1600s-1800s.

A beautiful rendition using Aubusson Flat Weave made with 100% New Zealand Wool woven by skilled artisans.

Aubusson Tapestry

A centuries-old tradition, the craft of Aubusson tapestry consists of weaving an image using processes practised in Aubusson and a number of other localities in the Creuse region of France.

Aubusson tapestry can be based on an image in any artistic style, prepared by a  designer. Weaving is done manually by a lissier, or weaver, on a loom positioned horizontally, working on the reverse side of the tapestry, and using yarns that are hand-dyed in house.

This process is time-consuming and expensive. The Aubusson tapestries are a gold standard throughout the world, to the extent that Aubusson has become a common noun in some languages. 

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Baroque Still Life Style

The Baroque Still Life Style focuses on inanimate objects such as fruits, flowers, and everyday objects. The Still Life style became popular around 1650 and remained a popular subject to today.

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Fruit Basket Symbolisms 

The Fruit Basket in the Tapestry symbolizes the richness and abundance of the land while each of the fruits bear their own meaning.

  • The Pomegranates have diverse cultural-religious significance, as a symbol of life and fertility owing to their many seeds.
  • The Grape is symbolic of Charity, Abundance, and Altruism.
  • The Peaches symbolized virtue and honor.

Fruit Basket containing an variety of symbolic fruits are used to decorate Great Halls and Living Rooms to demonstrate the values of the host.

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36 inch X 36 inch




Black, Pink, Purple, Beige


Flat Weave


1 mm

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