• 18″x18″ Squirrel Needlepoint Pillow Cover 12980897
  • 18″x18″ Squirrel Needlepoint Pillow Cover 12980897
  • 18″x18″ Squirrel Needlepoint Pillow Cover 12980897

18″x18″ Squirrel Needlepoint Pillow Cover 12980897


Custom made Needlepoint pillow cover


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This amazing pillow cover is an extract from the famous set of 6 medieval tapestries Lady and the Unicorn, which was woven in about 1511 and are now housed in the Cluny Museum, Paris. The background is done in the Mille-fleur style. This panel is also called L’ecureuil.
This is a beautiful wool needlepoint pillow cover.
The pillow front is hand-stitched using 100% New Zealand Wool. It is done by a diagram-scheme with counted stitch, which is the hardest type of stitch to do, and it takes a lot more time to do it than the ones done on colored canvas. However it gets a lot more details of the design.
The whole pillow front is completed using petit points to enhance the details and to give the pillow a more luxurious look. The weaving density is 225 stitches per square inch. It is much finer weave than regular needlepoint that has 100 stitches to each square inch. Thus the time it takes to finish a petit point pillow doubles that of a regular needlepoint pillow.
Many hours, often weeks of work and skill went into completing these tapestries by hand and reworking them into a pillow.
They will sit perfectly in a traditional environment or a contemporary space and create an eye catching focal point & a great conversation piece.
It makes a perfect gift for your family or friends.
A treasure to pass through generations.
Sprinkle these around the house or on a sofa, couch, chair, bench, bed, window seat or car seat.
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16 oz


Excellent. Never been used.


Hand-stitched wool petit point tapestry


Cotton velvet with hidden zipper

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Not included. Pillow cover only


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